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One of the great perks of being an Embassy Suites Ambassador is that I got to stay at the hotel for a night so I could tell you all about our visit. I picked the day after my birthday, a Saturday, a little jump from here into the city to just get away from everything; sometimes you need those days! I honestly believe that Stay-cationing should be a mandatory thing for families. Every year you should at least run away from your everyday and have a little you time. No cleaning up, no making dinner; have a few free drinks, swim in the pool and relax in a hot tub. It revives you.

Embassy Suites St. Louis

If you haven’t yet, go back and read the Tips to Enjoy Stay-cation/Vacations, it gives you some great tips on how to keep that rejuvenated feeling afterwards.

So the Saturday after my birthday, we grabbed up some much needed supplies for Judah and escaped in the early afternoon and went to Embassy Suites St. Louis Downtown.

Pack Your Potty
Can’t forget the Potty Seat!

It didn’t take us long to get there, but I do have to mention that there isn’t any real parking at this hotel. Embassy Suites offers valet parking at $20, which isn’t bad if you are going to be driving around because the other parking lots there won’t let you out without a fee and they’re only a few dollars cheaper. At least this way you know your car is in good hands and the valet parking attendees are really nice.

However, I know many people would prefer to actually park at their hotels themselves and if that is the case, Embassy Suites also has a hotel about 15 min away at Embassy Suites St. Louis Airport, which would be a great idea if you are traveling out of state; it’s literally right across from where the airport is located. The real positive to actually paying the Valet parking at the Downtown location is that it’s at the heart of everything and you can walk everywhere.


Our St. Louis hotel is the centerpiece of the Mercantile Exchange District, offering the best in dining, entertainment and shopping and the National Blues Museum and Theater. Access attractions such as the Gateway Arch on the banks of the Mississippi River, Busch Stadium (home of the MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals), the City Museum, Scottrade Center (home of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues), and Lumiere Casino. Visit Washington Avenue, a thriving entertainment district with designer shops, furniture stores and art galleries. Explore Forest Park, the base for St. Louis Zoo, Missouri History Museum, St.Louis Art Museum, Muny Opera and several golf courses. Enjoy events such as the Mardi Gras, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and the Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The other neat thing about this location is that it is directly opposite the America’s Center Convention Complex, which is great if you are a sports fan and it will be right next to the National Blues Museum! Plus, you are directly on the strip where there are lots of shops, restaurants (like Pi Pizzeria where President Obama had a pizza) and attractions like the City Museum.

So, back to our stay. We were all pretty amazed by the room. It had enormous windows and was extremely spacious. It kind of gave us the feeling of home and we liked that, we hate being cramped into a hotel room. Our little tot was dancing around from the moment he walked in.

Front Room
Embassy Suites Hotel Downtown St. Louis
Embassy Suites Hotel Downtown STL
Look at these beautiful windows!
large windows

We got settled in and let Judah play with all the cars he brought before setting out for a walk. You know the most important thing about your hotel is your distance to a Starbucks right? I mean you can’t stay in a hotel that doesn’t have espresso nearby, that would be awful! So of course, the first thing we actually did was go on a hunt for the closest Starbucks. Let’s play Blue’s Clues! I’m standing at the Starbucks, can you see find where Embassy Suites is?

Starbucks Downtown St. Louis

I was really loving the location of this hotel in relation to everything, especially my coffee. We walked around for a long time and popped into all the stores. This little exotic shop that I am not going to be able to remember the name of, was my favorite. The store owner just got back from a trip to Asia and there were thousands of artifacts inside! These are authentic dresses and I really wanted to take them all home.

Shopping in St. Louis Downtown
Exotic little shop down the street from Embassy Suites.
In the evening, Embassy Suites has a Managers Reception where you can get free food and drinks (yes, drink drinks) for a few hours. This was incredible. I have never actually been to a hotel that offered this and I was pretty impressed. We had really delicious hummus with pita bread and chips & salsa and Mommy had a glass of wine.
Embassy Suites Managers Reception
Then we went up to the room because the little tot was winding down a bit and we still wanting to go swimming in the pool. I couldn’t take any photos of the time in the pool because a lot of other families had the same idea, but I can say that it was a nice time. The boys disappeared in the pool and weight room and let Mommy relax in the hot tub for a long, long time. After the glass of wine from the Managers Reception and the time in the Hot Tub, I was ready to call it a day. I was so relaxed. It’s the little things that really count for us Moms that don’t get out much huh?
Embassy Suites St. Louis Pool
Later we ordered a pizza from Pi Pizzeria since it was iconic due to the President having eaten there and all. Warning, they expect a tip even on Carry-Out! Who does that? The lady walked the pizza from one end of the room to the other and thought she was getting a tip, not for a 9″ $20+ pizza. It was an incredibly good pizza though. Extremely good pizza. Yum.
Now here’s a tip! 
It was time to get our tot to bed and at last minute I got afraid of him sleeping in such a big bed by himself. So I just pulled the mattress onto the floor next to the T.V. and then piled up all their pillows. It made a great little sleeping nook for him and he loved it! Just in case you have little ones and you are worried that they’ll roll off.
Tips for Toddlers Sleeping in Hotels
But do be kind and put the mattress back on the bed before you go. My husband and I put it back on the bed and fixed it. Room Service may be there to make sure the rooms are nice and tidy, but we can at least have some courtesy.
Embassy Suites offers Complimentary Made to Order Breakfast, so the moment I woke up I went down and got us all breakfast. Wow. This isn’t even the ‘made to order’ part of Breakfast, this is just some of what you can get in the little breakfast line!
Embassy Suites Breakfast service
It was delicious. In fact, I’d like to go back and get some more breakfast please?
Also, let me take a moment to say something about Embassy Suites in-room coffee and coffee pots. I’ve stayed in many, many hotels over the years and I have never, not once, ever liked the coffee in the room. You may have noticed that I went on a Starbucks stroll to find the closest one just so I could make sure I was close enough to good coffee. Well, lo’ and behold, the room had GREAT coffee. I am talking, not watered down, dark deep goodness. Check out this coffee pot.
Embassy Suites Hotels Coffee Pot
This coffee pot makes individual cups, like most places, BUT it makes it closer to espresso than the other versions. Plus, the coffee is better! It’s also Green Coffee.
Rainforest Green Coffee at Embassy Suites
So, I did not trek off to Starbucks that morning, but rather used both mine and my husbands coffee ‘cups’ and kicked my feet up snaking on breakfast until they woke up.
judahs uhoh
Now I do have to tell you about the few negative things, not everywhere is perfect. To not talk about the slightly off center part wouldn’t make this review honest. So…
  • Every night my son has a bowl of cereal as a snack, we brought cereal but we forgot milk. (They have fridges!) So we called down to room service to get a glass of milk and found out that it would be $4 to get one glass of milk, plus the charge for delivery ($2) and then an expected tip. In total it would have cost us $6 for that little carton of milk you can see with the breakfast tray. Thankfully, the bartender downstairs was really super nice and let us just go down and buy a large glass of milk for $2 (equal to 2 of those cartons). 
  • The other slightly blemished part was the shower. The shower-head is great, it has 3 features for massage, rain and regular showering but the water pressure in the hotel wasn’t good at all. Thankfully my husband took a shower first because it wouldn’t have been enough pressure to wash out my hair, so opted out of that. It may have just been the room we were in or the fact that it’s summer and everyone is conserving water due to the temperatures here, but I wanted to make a note. On the upside, they have some great showering / lotion products and my husband would really like to buy a whole stock of their facial soap! They have Crabtree & Evelyn Botanical Naturals Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Facial Bars; plus Lotion. It was really nice. 
Overall it was a wonderful time, the perfect respite from the heat of summer and the ongoing stresses of home. I know we didn’t get out and do a million amazing things, but here soon I’ll be letting you know all the great stuff you can do while you are in St. Louis! And if you are considering a visit or just want to get away for awhile, I honestly suggest Embassy Suites. Everyone was really nice, the food is superb and also a great budget friendly snack for families, the pool area was a lot of fun and the rooms with their exuberant windows will have you whisked away into wonderful dreams of not having to clean up afterward or having to make breakfast. Plus, you can wake up to the best hotel coffee (in my opinion).
Many thanks to Embassy Suites St. Louis Downtown for having us.

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Embassy Suites Hotels and received a one-night complimentary stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. NewCastleMom says:

    This is exactly what I want to do with my daughter. A little “vacation” away from home! Looks like a wonderful place!

  2. Wade Thompson says:

    Hello Manda!

    Thank you for the great comments on our Embassy Suites St. Louis – Downtown! We are proud of our little gem in Downtown St. Louis and are so pleased you and your family enjoyed it.

    We hope to welcome you back soon so you can see even more of the wonderful sites and attractions St. Louis offers.

    Thank you once agai and we’ll see you soon!

    Wade Thompson
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Embassy Suites St. Louis – Downtown

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