Packing Must Have’s: Disney Trip Tips!

Packing For Disney

School is almost out and that means vacation time! While my Disney World trip is still a few months away several I’ve heard from are leaving soon for theirs! I wanted to include some must have items to pack for Disney Trip Tips! And save a little cash in the process! Some of these items are good for other trips besides Disney so if you’re not going there please still read for some good tips for your trip!

  • Samples: If you are anything like me, you love freebies! I used to sign up for every freebie around! Not as much time for that now that I’m writing here, but that is a small sacrifice to work with such wonderful people! Back to freebies! Save them! I used to just use them when they came but now I stash them in a box! Sample sizes are just perfect for trips. Those little samples of detergent are great to take along because who wants to buy a big bottle and chance leaks, bring a few sample packs and you are good to go! Plus the sample size toothpaste, deodorants, etc will take up less room and it’s just the right amount!
  • Fat Sharpies: If you have little ones at Disney you will need an autograph book for meeting the characters. This is most kids favorite part! We usually buy ours there, you can get them in your hotel gift shop and save time at the park. Tip though- buy the fat sharpies before hand. The sharpies that click like a pen work best because then you don’t have to fumble with the caps, and the fat ones work best because the characters can get their hands around them.
  • Misting fan! You know the battery operated fans that spray water. Definitely a must if you are going in warm weather! We went in September and bought ours there but I have seen them at Walmart before for only a few dollars. At Disney the price is higher. So be sure to get yours beforehand!
  • Glow sticks: You can get these for between $1-$3 at places like the dollar store, walmart and target. These are great because all the kids at the parks have them on and yours will ask as well. Buy them before and you will save a ton! I usually get enough for each kid to wear them each day we are at a theme park. A tip I learned from someone else, put a glow stick on your stroller as well, that way it is easier to spot when you get off a ride.
  • Medicine! Bring small bottles of a variety of medicines, like Tylenol, allergy meds, etc. Sure Disney sells all of this but it is quite expensive for sample sizes. Also bring tweezers and small scissors in your checked baggage, I always seem to need these! As well as a few band aids!
  • Ponchos. It rains daily in Florida, not all day rain but it is always nice to have them handy! We got our ponchos at walmart near the camping supplies for $.97. We didn’t needs ours this last time so we just saved them.
  • Change: My son loves the penny press machines so be sure to have some extra pennies and quarters.
  • Entertainment: The dollar store is a great place for small books and activities for the plane or car ride. Dry erase boards are fun entertainment for kids. Another great thing is the no mess markers from Crayola, the kind that only draws on special paper. Hit the library for movies and books before you go and be sure to have a portable DVD player. I always have a bag with plenty of things to entertain them and they are always surprises to keep them busy. Fortunately my plane ride is only about 2 hours but the longer the travel time the more you will need!
  • Stroller: If you have little ones, bring yours along! It will get quite pricey renting one for everyday you are there. It is also nice to have a place to store your belongings as well. Rentals aren’t as cozy and usually don’t have and extra storage and you only get them in the park, so you are on your own to and from the resort and parking areas. Add a ribbon or something to tell yours apart quickly. They tend to rearrange strollers in the stroller parking areas and then it can take a while to find yours!
  • Food! Bring along small snacks and easy things for breakfast like muffins, donuts, cereal bars. The less meals you can buy there the better. Plus snacks are a must for long car/plane rides! Some rooms even have microwaves so you can get things like ravioli and soups for a cheap easy lunch or dinner as well.

Some things to remember that don’t need explanation:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra shoes
  • Health Insurance cards
  • Prescriptions
  • Extra batteries
  • Cell phone charger
  • Stamps for postcards
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Jacket
  • Car Insurance card for rentals

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, if you have any must have’s please share them!

I received nothing for this post. I just love Disney!


  1. sueparks2003 says:

    A lot of this I knew being the cheap person I have to be although I never thought of putting the ribbon on the stroller or the glow stick. What a great time saver!
    Gladys P

  2. MommaMary says:

    Love that big wheel!

  3. kristin says:

    When we went to Disney, we brought a backpack in and made sure we froze a few bottles of water. They kept the other bottles cool, and as the day went on, thawed enough to drink. Voila! Instant ice pack, and by the end of the day, empty backpack. Definitely helpful!

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