Really Fun Apps For Kids: Trucks Numbers, Counting and Alphabet Apps from Scott Adelman!

Construction Alphabet App

My husband was looking around on his phone the other night for Apps for Kids my son might like and came across these. He was really surprised that they had very few downloads because they are wonderfully made, have all the construction trucks (even ones we didn’t know!) and they’re just fun! There are three of them:

  • Construction Alphabet
  • Kids Trucks: Numbers & Counting
  • Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning
  • Kids Trucks: Puzzles
The Construction Alphabet is similar to Flashcards but you can move the trucks. They move forward so you can hear them driving, they lift up and down their booms or honk and if you press the letter it will read to you what the truck is.

This is my son’s favorite because it’s very simple and he likes to hear the names of all the trucks.

Kids Trucks App

The second one is Kids Trucks: Numbers and Counting, which has two games in it. The first game is simply counting. The trucks roll in and you count them by touching them, the voice-over reads the numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc.

Numbers & Counting

The second game is really fun! There is a Yarder that you have to drive and use to pick up the numbers and place them in the Dumptruck.

construction apps for kids

You use the up and down arrows to pick up the numbers with the claw and then circles to drive forward and backward. This is a really fun little game and plus we had no idea what a Yarder was until we found these Apps and it’s pretty interesting!

These last ones we don’t have yet, but they’re Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning and Kids Trucks: Puzzles!

preschool learning apps

There are currently four learning modes for preschool children and toddlers to use: letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The child is asked to identify a certain item. When they pick the correct one, they are showered with praise. Help is provided if they have trouble picking the correct response as well. When the child earns five stars, a fun truck animation is provided. When they reach ten stars, they can then use the stars they earned to shoot off their own fireworks!

Numbers and Shapes

Kids Trucks: Puzzles is a Toddler / Preschooler puzzle game that you can also color on top of with bubbles and fireworks!

Kids Trucks: Puzzles

We LOVE these Apps. I really thought everyone should know about them! We’ve had other small Applications for Judah but nothing so interactive, bright and fun with something he absolutely loves – Trucks!  Check them out! I’m sure if you have a little pre-school boy he’d love them just as much. I really hope the designer continues making these fun apps and that more people find them!

Purchase: You can purchase these Apps for Android for:

I was not given anything for this. My husband purchased the Applications and I thought you might like them! Enjoy!


  1. ToSewWith Love says:

    this is awesome! I would definitely try this for my son! thanks for sharing…

  2. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    This is so awesome! My daughter would love this!

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