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Rejected Clothing is designed by Megan Philbin in St. Thomas Ontario, a small town that encompasses an active punk/industrial/metal scene. She began Rejected in 2005, influenced by designers such as Vivvienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson, and wanted something to show off a more playful side with unique, fun and flirty twist. Rejected offers clothing that can be mixed and matched to the delight of shoppers, for day and night-time wear, eclectic formal evening or dressed down for a more laid back and casual appearance.

Rejected Clothing Dresses

A friend of mine helps out with the Rejected shop and I was given the opportunity to have an outfit fitted just for me! I was extremely excited when it arrived as it was a surprise and I love surprises! The outfit was beautiful, a simple black overall with a red stemmed rose on the front, the straps stood out as shiny faux satin and it fit perfectly.

Rejected Clothing Bibs

With it I was given a flirty Zombie Lover t-shirt, which I love! My son was whining about not having a Zombie Lover T-shirt during this entire photo period (as he was helping me) so I am going to have to get him one now. They have mens too!

Zombie Lover Tee

We also decided to make this kind of movie style action shot with the Zombie Shirt. At first we thought it would be funny to somehow get Cody sneaking up behind me in his Zombie makeup but we were then left without someone to take the photo.

Zombie Lover Shirt

The T-shirt itself is very comfortable. I love how the designer creates the long strips of black tags that say Rejected, very original. There is a lot of unique pieces in her shop, especially this tutu, I’ve never seen anything like it! Plus, for those of you that are really into Zombies, this piece you can’t go without in your collection (unless you are a guy).

Evolution Tutu

There are also shirts, pants and accessories for boys/men. Plus! Megan Philbin also creates smaller versions of some of the dresses for little girls and it is ADORABLE.

Rejected Clothing for Tots
Some of the clothes might not be for me anymore, but I love the styles and the fact that they can be made for any size. They’re cute and punky, alternatively flirty and I can wear my t-shirt lounging around the house, have a cute afternoon outfit or dress it up with some ankle boots and accessories. I love it.
Rejected Clothing Models
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You can connect with Rejected Clothing on their Facebook Page and/or their Rejects Are Pretty Blog! You can visit their Etsy store to see the whole array of clothing that Rejected offers. 

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.


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