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OnLive delivers top-tier video games on demand to your TV, PC, Mac® or tablet—whatever you have on hand. Sign in. Play. It’s that simple.

Some of you are considering purchasing new game systems this year which is why I felt it was important to introduce you to OnLive. OnLive is an Instant Cloud Gaming which means that games from Xbox, Xbox360, PS1, PS2, PS3, PC and MAC games… are all within the Cloud. With over 50 different publishers, including Take-Two, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Atari, Codemasters, THQ, Warner Bros., 2D Boy, Eidos Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios, and others have partnered with OnLive offering over 150 games.

There are no discs so you don’t have to wait in line for hours on Black Friday to get that newest game, there is no hardware so you don’t have to purchase those newest systems that are going to cost you over $200-$300. There are no Downloads so you don’t have to worry about games bogging up your computer space, it is a complete instant gaming experience. You get your membership, you login, you can demo any game For Free, or you can rent a game, purchase the game or even get a PlayPass for a flat rate which allows you to play that game for as long as your are an OnLive member, which is always cheaper than purchasing the game outright. However, an OnLive MicroConsole Adapter is needed to connect it to your T.V.

OnLive Holiday Pack

OnLive has some amazing Holiday Bundles season if you are wanting to Gift It! You can Gift a Game, Gift a PlayPack Subscription which gives them access to over 100 popular games, Gift the Onlive Game System with a Game and the biggest pack is to Gift an Onlive Game System with a 1 Year of Gaming included.

Cody reviewed OnLive for me since he is my little (well now he’s taller than me) gamer. His first reaction was, “OH MY GOD!” Just to give you an idea of what you might experience with your teenager. First off, it’s beautifully created and very easy to understand. I initially went in and set all the parental controls so that he couldnt’ get games I didn’t see fit for him. Then I let him go on and told him to pick any game he wanted! He was floored, there were games he’d never have been able to play because they were PC games and some Xbox 360 Games he didn’t have, or even those that are specific to PS3. To say he was excited was an understatement.

The next thing he noticed was that there was no download time. He could instantly just start playing unlike when he purchases a game through his wireless service. At first it was something for him to get used to, playing on a keyboard instead of on a controller, but the mouse helped a lot. You can purchase a controller for your T.V. Game System.

I really feel this is probably the most amazing gaming concept this season and is going to save hundreds of dollars for some of you. Every year I bought Cody the brand new system or spent over $60.00 per hottest game. Now all we did was get a PlayPack Subscription that lets him play 100s of games for a monthly cost that is a million times cheaper than how fast he goes through games. When you are looking at $60.00 a game and there is a new game every few months? Ouch.

Now I know most of you are wondering about the Parental Controls, I was too. Here is a brief overview:

OnLive’s parental controls give parents the ability to set up separate accounts for their children (ages 13 to 17), which enables parents to be in charge of the OnLive activity associated with the account. With OnLive parental controls, you can define the content, social and privacy settings for your children. When parental controls are enabled, anyone accessing the OnLive Game Service with that account will have the selected restrictions applied.

  • Content Control – Allow access to games based on game rating or choose specific games for your child to play.
  • Update Anytime – Manage account settings whenever you like, from any web-connected device.
  • Privacy and Safety Settings – Allow or block community features such as friending, chat, messaging, multiplayer access and social media integration.
  • Change Alerts – Receive email notifications whenever settings are changed.

So before you start mapping out those gaming stores for a system and/or for that newest game. Please check out OnLive. It’ll save you from standing in line in the cold for hours in the hope of being one of the parents to get that game. I’ll even tell you, even if OnLive didn’t offer that specific game, your child is going to love you for this service. Access to games they couldn’t have had before – especially if you are a PC gamer and don’t have the computer for it, 100s of games with a service that is only beginning and expanding rapidly, able to play on their computer and even their phones! (Which saves you money on those Gaming Apps) Free Demos, Instant Play at incredible prices. Coming from a Mom that has for the last 13 years forked out thousands for gaming systems and games, this is much preferable and will save you so much… so much.

Connect: You can connect with OnLive on their Facebook Page and/or @OnLive through Twitter. You can also see more demonstrations and information on their Youtube Page.

Purchase: You can see the varying prices for renting, subscribing, Holiday Bundles and purchasing the OnLive MicroConsole Adapter in the OnLive Store.

I received gaming codes in order to review the service. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 

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