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~I received a SeatPet for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own and are not influenced by any form of compensation.~

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We’re often on the move, tot and I. Whether we’re running errands, going shopping, to the library or the park.. he spends a lot of time riding around in his booster. Watching the world go by through his window and naming off the vehicles are one of the things he has always loved. There are times though that I bet it gets a little boring back there. Mommies errand runs aren’t the most exciting thing in the world and sometimes it takes a little while to get to where we’re going, so I was pretty excited to test out a little seat companion for him by SeatPets. They are comfortable plushies that connect to the seat-belt that can work as a pillow friend and even carry things in their pockets.

SeatPet with tot

Tot received Yukon the Cow and apparently Yukon likes to put little Hotwheels in his pockets and hold them for tot while he’s in the store. Sometimes Yukon rides where he is supposed to, on the seat-belt, and sometimes Yukon gets tot’s extra booster seat and rides next to him and holds the snacks. Either way, he’s been an adorable little SeatPet companion for tot while out and about.


There are 7 SeatPets available in the shop, they include:

  • Love Bug the Ladybug
  • Bentley the Dog
  • Lincoln the Lion
  • Mercedes the Cat
  • Malibu the Monkey
  • Edsel the Monster
  • Yukon the Cow

The traveling buddies have won multiple awards and are capable of withstanding many miles of wear and tear; they’re also washable! Which is important if they like to take snacks along and don’t mind a little drool here and there. Your little one’s friend doesn’t have to stay in the car either, they can take them along on any journey, anywhere they like – even if it is in your backyard or for nighttime cuddles. 

You can find out more about SeatPets on their Facebook Page and/or @SeatPets on Twitter. 

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  1. Maryann D. says:

    These SeatPets are adorable and a great idea! They look well made and are colorful and fun for children. What a super gift and I would like Mercedes the Cat.

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