Sissy Little: Home Decor & Decal Shop Review !

Sissy Little is a Home Decor & Decal Shop with such a unique array of designs. You fall in love from the moment you set eyes on their store and begin dreaming up ideas for your room, your kids room, the kitchen and even the bathroom. I believe I spent an entire night fantasizing over how I could redesign my entire house through Sissy Little.

I’m aware that there are many decal stores on the internet currently, it is a hot market, but there is something about this store that sets them apart from the others. From the calm blue flower on their logo, the easy to navigate page, the customer service which is unparalleled, down to the exact details of their many unique and beautifully designed masterpieces; they are seemless. They have decals I’ve never seen! Trains, Birds, Puffy Clouds and Giant Dinosaurs! And if they don’t have it, they’ll make it for you!

Perhaps your son came up with a half bird/tortoise/robot monster that makes ice-cream cones … send in his amazing drawing and they’ll send you the design! Don’t have a picture? You can call them and describe the happy half bird/tortoise/robot monster that makes ice-cream cones and they’ll do their best to make that lovely image come to life for your child. They don’t charge for the time it takes to create it and they’ll work on it until they get it perfect!


I was given the chance to review Sissy Little just before my husband and I’s 3rd anniversary. We had moved into our new house in March and I’d spent a lot of time decorating the kids room, but ours was just a bed with blank walls. On our anniversary my husband purchased us a new frame for our bed and so I surprised him with the perfect decals for our room, Trees! I told him that now our room could be our escape, we could run away into the wooded area in peace and quiet.

The Trees.
Half way there.
Yes, we have the smallest room.

I would love to say that this idea worked, however my 2 1/2 year old loves the trees and so our quiet getaway spot turned into the fun place to count the trees and read Owl Babies. (Who apparently live in the trees.) My husband and I love them, they’re peaceful and they remind me of a painting we once saw in the art museum in Seattle when he first came to see me after 15 years. They’re simply lovely.

No matter what you vision for your room or your home, Sissy Little has the decor for you, they could almost guarantee that with the ability to create your perfect image. They sent me my trees in a brown wrapper, tied elegantly with a blue ribbon and inside was a plastic bag with the directions, a plastic applicator to smooth down the decals and a blue flower. A touch of something perfect that made me smile. It is always the little things like that that make my day, the thoughtful tiny details that happen to surprise and from the very beginning Sissy Little never ceased to surprise and amaze me. Take a moment and peer through the window of their store and see all the wonders waiting for your home.


You can connect with Sissy Little on Facebook, @SissyLittle on Twitter and/or register to their store!

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You can buy the Forest Trees for $79.99.

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions expressed are my own or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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