Sit Down and Have a Cup

It has taken me some time to write this post. To do so, I really had to examine what I wanted my true role here at inRandom to be. You see inRandom is a gift to me in many forms. Manda describes it as ‘a family blog written by family’ and she considers us all family, even those of us she is not related to. Well, that in itself is a pretty big gift – to be a part of this amazing family of these amazing women. On top of that, she puts no reigns on us, she encourages us to just be us, to write what is in our heart, to give as much of ourselves as we our comfortable with. 

So I can be completely self indulgent here, I knew when I first arrived here I would add to the craft posts and do product reviews here, so that just left the small matter of my ‘corner’. So I’m sitting at my desk at 2am trying to narrow down the 8 billion ideas swimming around in my confused little brain.When I take a sip of my coffee I had an epiphany – Coffee with Corrie. Yes, yes, yes! My spot here will revolve around my most favorite thing in the world my third most favorite thing in the world after the Hubby and the kids – coffee! 

I have a serious passion possible obsession for coffee and that’s not an overstatement or exaggeration. I drink coffee from the time I get up till the time I go to bed, I like hot, iced, flavored frappe, espresso, latte, 
I will post tips, recipes, cool gadgets I find and any other awesomeness related to coffee. 
More than that though, I want it to be like coffee with friends, conversations about books we’re reading, movies we’ve seen, headlines affecting us. Pour yourself a cup, sit down and chat with me.

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