Staying Cool with Target’s “Big Honkin’ Summer” Blog Tour

Target Strawberry Glasses

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have caught how St. Louis has been in triple digit record braking temperatures for over a week. 104-110′ isn’t my exact idea of summer fun and it’s been kind of difficult coming up with ways to entertain our tot without exposing him to dangerous overheating. Thankfully my sister has been in town with her children and we’ve all gotten together a lot lately to beat the summer heat here in the Midwest, so it’s not been too bad.

One of the best ways to keep things cool is to cook ‘cool’. For some reason my stomach cannot take too many hot full meals when the temperature is baking it from the outside, so I tend to make cooler meals: salads, sandwiches, etc. Although, BBQ is an exemption to the rule. You can’t have a summer without it! No matter what you are serving though, you have to have something to serve it on and I was really grateful to be included in the Target ‘Big Hockin’ Summer’ Blog Tour to show you some really summer-ized dishes to host a great little (or larger) summer get together. Hopefully inside, away from the rays of the mean sun.

Target Bamboo Bowls
Target Melamine Plates

My ideal summer salad is filled with the fruits of spring: lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, artichokes, red onions, tomatoes and then dump an entire mountain of Feta cheese on top. I could live at a salad bar. Target has this wonderful Blue Serving Bowl with a Bamboo Lid that is perfect for salads. You can also get the Bamboo Utensils to go with it for serving, they really complete the set. I especially like the Bamboo Lid, it can also be used to serve other things, like Watermelon!

Summer Strawberry Collection

We were also given beautiful Strawberry Melamine plates and cups from their Summer Strawberry Collection. I love the plates, they really bring a bold vivid appeal to summer and make things really fun for the kids. They’re very durable, at least against my three year old that decided to use them as ‘spinners’ one day on the floor.

Summer Strawberry Set
Table Setting Summer

We didn’t have some grand meal. It was 110′ outside, but we had a great meal inside that wasn’t too heavy. My son loves eating off his ‘strawberry’. The sun was setting and it was just a very beautiful day.

I also wanted to share this, I thought it was really cute! For Target’s ‘Big Honkin’ Summer’ they have an application on their Facebook Page that allows you to Summer-ize your photos! So you can add fun things like beach balls, sandals, summer iced drinks and silly giant floaties! I made a cute photo with one of Judah’s shots from this day when we went outside to cool off.

Heat Wave STL
Target Summer Fun App

You can even print them out at your local Target store, so it can be something fun to do indoors with your kids!

I love shopping at Target. They really bring in the seasons with their dishes as I am sure most of you have seen walking through their store, but take a moment and look at all the amazing things they have available for summer the next time you are in, or when you get time to look at their catalog! They really know how to brighten things up despite the incredible temperatures. Thanks Target!

Connect: You can connect with Target on their Facebook Page and/or @Target on Twitter.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Target and received products to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate.

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