Step2 Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set Review!

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Some of you may remember when I reviewed the Step2 Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen some few months ago. It is one of Judah’s most favorite things to play with. Half of the day is spent putting things into the ‘copper’ pot and/or Coffee pot and watching the red lights flicker and listening to the sound of boiling. He has an entire basket of plastic foods so this goes on for quite awhile. We made a very cute video of him making pizza!

When the Holiday Event started being put together, Step2 offered to send me the Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set to go with the matching kitchen. I was extremely excited! Judah loves the kitchen so much and to have the whole matching set was perfect. 

Step2 Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set
Judah and I set up the table with the two chairs and a few others we already had. With his best buddy Elmo (in plural) we had a little luncheon that he had cooked up!
Putting the Table together is very easy, you just pop the legs in. The chairs are very simple too, as long as you put the right one on the bottom. When I originally tried putting them together I had the wrong one and the back of the seat kept popping off. I quickly shifted it and haven’t had the problem since. They’re extremely sturdy and hold up to 75lbs!
Step2 Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set

The Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set doesn’t only have to be used for Tea Parties. It also makes a fantastic craft table. Judah and I love to draw and color things he sees, here we were making Frosty and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer because he was watching the Classics at the time. 

Step2 Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set

I especially love the height of the table. The dimensions being 26.0 x 25.5 x 6.1. He’s able to sit down in the chair, with room for his legs under the table comfortably and be at perfect reach. We have another little table that he’s unable to sit at because it’s small, mainly it’s used at a stand for toys, so he was really excited to be able to actually sit at a table that he could reach. We’ve had snack-time, coloring, tea-parties, puzzles and books on the table; we even turned it upside down and made the legs into drums. 
It would make a wonderful addition into your home, regardless of whether or not your child or grandchild has their own kitchen. There are so many great things that they can play with and learn with a table and chair set just the right size; add in some plastic foods and they can make their own little Holiday meal alongside of you, grab some paper and make snowflakes or watch and see what new idea they come up with all on their own.
You can connect with Step2 on their Facebook Page and/or @TheStep2Company on Twitter.
You can purchase the Lifestyle Legacy Kitchen Table & Chair Set for $49.99. 

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


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