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Thumbuddy To Love® is a positive tool that teaches children how to stop thumb sucking. Our newest product, The Binky Fairy is for Pacifier suckers to help break the pacifier habit gently.

My little tot has been sucking his thumb since he was in my womb. It seemed like a good thing at first because it was a self comforting mechanism and we wouldn’t have to use pacifiers. Well… we were certainly wrong.

inutero thumbsucking

He’s going to be turning 4 this year and we knew it was about time to start cutting back on the thumb-sucking, but how to go about it was the big question. It is more attached to him than his blue blanket, at least with something like a pacifier or a attachment toy you can learn to ‘let it go’, but thumbs are with us forever.

toddler still sucking thumb

ThumBuddy to Love is a Storybook / Thumb Puppet that comes in three different characters; Fireman Fred, Ballerina Sue and for Pacifiers, The Binky Fairy. The story is read by parents to teach the children to stop sucking their thumbs (fingers, pacifiers) and the Thumb Puppet is worn on their thumbs kind of like a finger puppet. It’s a positive way to slowly wean your child, plus it comes with stickers and a progress chart so you can work together with your child!

Fireman Fred ThumBuddy

Fireman Fred’s story tells about Fred and how there is an emergency. He has to go put out a fire and it’s important that he doesn’t suck his thumb because he has to get on his protective suit, use the hose and put out the fire. In the end, Fireman Fred realizes that he did a wonderful thing by choosing not to suck his thumb.

The Binky Fairy ThumBuddy
The Binky Fairy
Ballerina Sue ThumBuddy
Ballerina Sue

I was given the opportunity to review Fireman Fred – ThumBuddy to Love and unfortunately we are still working towards the point of not being concerned about Fred being on his thumb. My tot gets a little scared of things sometimes for unknown reasons and currently he gets very upset when we try to mess with his thumb. He likes to play with Fireman Fred and he loves the little book! He is extremely into Fire Engines right now and absolutely loves the story. So it is mainly because our son has some difficulties in communication, as he can’t answer an open ended question, so at this time I’m unsure as to why he gets upset. If you have similar difficulties with your children, know that it could take some progress.

I still want to do my best in trying though because from all I’ve seen online, this is a remarkably positive way to help your child with thumb-sucking. If you don’t have these similar issues, I’m sure your child would be happy as pie to play thumb-puppets and read the story with you!

ThumBuddy to Love
Hoping my tot gets to sleeping easy like this!

There are many great resources on ThumBuddy that are so very helpful. Here are some sections I made sure to bookmark for myself.

  • Stop Thumb Sucking Tips
  • Positive Teaching Helps Stop Thumb Sucking
  • Thumb Sucking Products Comparison
If you are in the transitional phase like I am, it is something you really should consider looking into. The thumb puppets are cute, the books are very positive and helpful and I honestly believe it’s a wonderful product despite our slight hang-ups in waiting for my son to be ready. Every child is different and some of them take a little longer to get comfortable to new things than others. Offer time, patience and a little fun with ThumBuddy.
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  1. HCeallaigh says:

    nice! id love to try this out! i was really afraid of usign the pacifier one bc of breastfeeding latch on and two bc of thumb sucking

  2. HCeallaigh says:

    id love to try this i was afraid of having a problem with this down the road!

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