Stories that Make Me Sigh – Woman Sues 11 Year Old for $500,000 Due to a Stray Little League Baseball

So I’ve been reading about this woman who is suing a 13 year old because he threw a ball that overthrew the mound and hit her when he was 11 years old playing in Little League. Not only is she suing, she is suing the 11 year old for between $100,000 to $500,000 in separate cases between her AND her husband. Of course he had to get in on it too! This happened 2 years ago and since the statute of limitations was about to expire she went ahead and filed for pain and suffering, etc., etc. It is one of those stories that you can’t even make up.

This little boy who just threw the ball one day as he always does because it’s baseball and it happened to go over the mound and hit her because she sat right behind the mound. Things like this happen. Could you imagine suing the MLB if a stray foul ball happened to hit you when you decided to go to a game where sometimes that happens? 
He was 11 years old. He’s now 13 years old. $500,000 seems a little radical for a stray little league baseball. 
This is just another one of those stories that make me really sigh and question the sanity of the people in this world. I would ask myself what is wrong with this lady, but I already know. People are greedy, they would even go after kids if they could get something, like this lady. It’s no better than preying on the innocent. Innocent meaning children. 
I really hope this doesn’t somehow ruin baseball for kids, where all the sudden they have to start worrying about whether or not to play little league because they may walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for a balls accidental direction. Baseball is an American game and I’d hate to see kids worrying about financial things they shouldn’t have to instead of enjoying a great summer past-time.
Hopefully, at some point, someone knocks some sense into this lady. Pun completely intended. 


  1. Christine says:

    wow…. just…. wow

  2. Holly S. says:

    This makes me so mad!!! Says something about our get-rich-quick society, doesn’t it? This woman and her husband should be ashamed of themselves and I hope the judge sees enough sense to dismiss it.

  3. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says:

    Ugh! Makes me sick…

  4. Sherri Lewis says:

    People are just “sue-happy”. They actually look for things that they can sue for. It is scary because if it were to happen to you then you could lose everything just because of one person’s greed……

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