Family Fun: StoryTime at Home

So last night my husband and I got the kids all tucked into bed early and decided to have some mommy and daddy time. It has been a long time now that our little girl is 2 months old. My poor husband has been working non stop day and evening and is gone all the time. So last night he is home with me and we were wanting to relax and have some quiet time for the two of us.

Once the kids were all tucked in, me and my husband were able to get comfy in bed and relax. Enjoy some much needed chat time, laughs and watch a favorite show. We put on our jammies, turned on Cheers and hopped in bed. I decided to grab the note pad that is always sitting next to our bed and have a StoryTime with my husband. This always gives me the giggles and we have always had fun with it here on inRandom. For those of you who don’t know, we use to have inRandom Story Time over at the Facebook page until they decided to change their layout and making it impossible for this to be a regular game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it at home!

I made a few Rules for us to go by:

  1. No Bad Words
  2. No sexual content or gestures
  3. Have fun with me :-)

The PINK sentences are mine and the BLUE sentences are my husbands. 

One Day I wore a mix matched pair of socks and when I looked down at my feet
and I noticed that my middle toe had turned into a
big hairy squirrel tail! Oh man this is not my day. I suppose I shouldn’t wear my
giant Acorn hat. Just then the door opened and in walked the last person I wanted to see, Barrack Obama, so I pulled out my
presidental toilet seat and asked him if he had to
eat a snack. He replied “$5Kvc&()()!@@@#sssT+=” I couldn’t understand him cause I didn’t speak jibberish. I told him to leave cause I can’t stand
reading subtitles and he is talking to fast. It is giving me a headache so I am going to take
a Taxi to the Bronx. I heard they have great Hot Dogs and I love me some Hot Dogs, especially if they are smothered in
jelly beans and cotton candy. mmmm thinking about them the whole ride has my mouth
wet and ready to be…. worked on by the dentist because thats a lot of sugar. My phone rings and I check the caller I.D. and notice that it is a blocked number. That means it could only be
Bozo the Clown ‘HONK HONK’. If I answer this call I better be ready to
laugh til I soil my panties. I check my rear view mirror and notice I’m being followed. I quickly make a left hand turn onto a one way street and I’m going the wrong way so I
realize “HEY where’s they Taxi Driver! and WHY am I not eating my Hot Dog?” Driving this Taxi Cab down a one way street like this has me feeling like
a Giant Fool, I’ve obviously had too much to drink, so I should call my husband and tell him to come get me cause I am ready to
put on my Giant Acorn Hat and take a nice long bubble bath listening to my favorite
Rap Album, 2 Live Crew. AHHHH Calgon take me away.

The End
I hope that you have enjoyed our Story Time at Home! We enjoyed passing the note pad back and forth and laughing out loud. Hopefully this gives you some wonderful idea as well. Something fun that you can do with your husband or kids at home and get a kick out of. Next time I’m thinking the kids should join in!
I know that things can get stressful at home between raising your children and working all of the time. It’s nice to remember that you and your husband need time together and to just relax and have good times with one another. LIVE LAUGH LOVE
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  1. Debby Chandler says:

    that sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading to my children.

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