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When my youngest was born my eldest son was already 11. I always feared the age gap wouldn’t allow them to create that bond that siblings form growing up together. They were on two different age spectrums, growing up in different generations and by the time my youngest was 7 years old my eldest son would be moving on towards adulthood. I knew that even with my tot’s incredible memory, the majority of the moments he shares with his brother while they have this time together would slowly fade off while new information came in. As a Mom I wanted a way to stop time, freeze the moment and steal the beauty that was inside of me every time I saw them together smiling. A camera, a great camera, can do that.


Cameras have changed so much in the last few years that it is really phenomenal. My last camera I got as a wedding gift five years ago became a dinosaur at some point, technology does that. I was offered a shop with Collective Bias to check out the Samsung WB200 with features that would only have existed on a wishlist for me: Wifi capabilities that allow me to send photos to my computer, even Facebook, or send them off to my family members’ Smartphones (should they have the App installed). My phone was already outdated and the camera on that thing could barely make a clear photo any longer, but it was the best way for me to send photos. I was stunned to see I could send these vibrant, beautiful photos everywhere via Wifi without having to upload, edit and individually post or email them. Not only was the Samsung WB200 a compact system camera, but it had superior technological advances in comparison.


I went shopping for it after the big storm that ran through St. Louis last week. The clouds that passed through the day were memorizing. Walmart was actually running on a generator, but it was still running! I took a long time looking at all the various different cameras since I hadn’t looked in awhile. The Samsung WB200 had a nice grip on it with a wide viewing screen that actually doubled as a Hybrid Touch Screen. You can read about my shopping trip and see a few of the first photos I took in my Google + Album

samsung photos

Photo taken with Action Freeze Setting.

I took the boys out a few days after getting to know the camera. We went to the park to play since my teen will be leaving soon for the summer and we are trying to pack as much summer fun with the kids together as we can. My tot loves his big brother so much and he gets really excited when he comes along to the park. Getting the letter today saying my son was a Sophomore this year and the dawning realization that he was turning 16 in October, made me feel like he was growing up too fast. It is somewhat bitter sweet to think that these photos are among the few of his last remaining years of “childhood”. 

samsung photos of the boys

Photo taken with Auto Setting.

I loved testing out the different features on the camera. Although the AUTO setting was amazing on its own, I loved playing with the Settings that allowed you to choose different ones. Such as: 

  • Beauty Face – Taking a picture by retouching the skin.
  • Landscape – Photos that emphasize the landscape and sky by increasing blue and green color saturation. 
  • Macro – Takes close up photos of objects or text.
  • Action Freeze – Takes photos of fast motion objects, like toddlers!
  • Silhouette – Photos that silhouette the objects with backlighting. 
  • Sunset – Takes photos that emphaseize the sunset by making the colors more intense. My personal favorite!
  • Night – Photos taken at night. You will want to use a tripod or a flat unmoving surface since it takes longer to capture and process. 
  • Fireworks – A version of Night, but mainly used for bright lit objects like Fireworks. 
  • Panoramic Shots – Just like Widescreen for televisions, you can take in a full landscape photo by holding the shutter button and moving it along the full frame of your shot. 
  • Split Image – Take a photo on one side and another on the opposite (can also do 3 images), both images will come together as one horizontally or vertically!
  • Motion Photo – You can make your image move! Kinda amusing if you have kids. 
  • Photo Filters – I’m sure you love Instagram for it’s filters, what if you could do that with your camera!?
    • Miniature
    • Vignetting
    • Ink Painting
    • Oil Painting
    • Cartoon
    • Cross Filter
    • Sketch
    • Soft Focus
    • Fish-Eye
    • Classic
    • Retro
    • Zooming Shot
  • Movie Filters – Filters for your movies, omg!
  • Photo Editor – Yes, you can actually edit your photos on the camera. Just think, you can edit them and send them to your family too!

The Mobile and Wifi capabilities allow you to send to Smartphones, upload to Facebook, Picasa, SkyDrive and even Youtube. It even has an Auto Backup where you can transfer up to 1000 recent files to your computer. 

park picture of the boys

Photo taken with Sunset Setting.

It honestly didn’t matter what setting was used, other than to be playful with the images. Each image in natural light came out extremely crisp and beautiful. I didn’t have to take four shots to get that ONE shot that was going to work and I didn’t have to tell my kids to “stop!” so that the image wouldn’t blur when they moving. I got to capture them as they were, just being together and having fun and the Samsung did all the rest.


Taken on Landscape Setting.

All of these images were taken in natural light, the true test was if this camera could actually pull off the Night Setting. My phone and my old camera could not even make a visible image, even with Flash! It would either be a) too dark or b) washed out. Now take a look at this, these are side by side images – one without flash on the Night Setting (left) and one with flash on the Night Setting (right).

Nighttime setting shots

Without Flash – With Flash on Night Setting

Completely unedited, there is very little difference. Which is actually remarkable! For one, you can see it AND the Flash didn’t wash out the image or turn my son into some iridescent vampire. 

Honestly, I am blown away by the camera. To be able to take an amazing shot, crop and edit it ON the camera and then be able to send it to my family? Phenomenal. You just can’t beat that. It is everything you need to be able to capture family photos and relive those memories with everyone you love without the painstakingly long process of uploading, editing and then emailing everyone. Time is of the essence and Samsung has made it almost instantanious. 


Taken on Action Freeze.

Seeing these images reminds me that no matter how far ahead my teen may be by age and generation, his little brother is always right behind him – running to catch up. The faster he runs the faster time gets away from me. I hold on to it through my camera, through the memories it allows me to visually see. They’ll always be little boys in my heart, but I know that a really good photo can make you realize just how fast they’re growing.

If you are looking for a camera to capture your summer moments, to stop time for a little while before your kids grow too old to play, I really recommend checking out the Samsung WB200. For all the wonderful things it does, it is pretty amazing that it also fits right inside your pocket ready to come out and be social.

You can be a little social with Samsung too, by following their Facebook Page and/or @SamsungTweets on Twitter. 

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  1. Ok, first of all – those night photos are amazing! I cannot believe how clear they are. My phone camera and my regular camera {which I happened to get this past Christmas Eve} always ruins the photo. It’s either too dark, or super bright. I think I would love the Action Freeze feature too, Lil Man ALWAYS moves around like crazy when I’m trying to take photos, ESPECIALLY is he knows they are for my blog. I end up having to take a bunch, but sometimes not even one turns out – ugh! I doubt that I would have the problem with this camera. I’ll have to check it out the next time I am at Walmart.

    On a personal note, it is so sad when they grow up. It’s like the years just zoom past. One moment they’re the sweet little child, the next they’re growing up, getting acne and talking about their armpit hair. Time slips away too fast.
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  2. vickie couturier says:

    good pics,,love the clearness of them

  3. I would have never guessed that any of those pictures were at night. What fabulous photos that camera takes!!
    Dawn recently posted…June Giveaways Linky: Add Your Giveaways And Enter To Win! #linky #giveawaysMy Profile

  4. That is so touching. I love that last picture of your kids walking together. What a phenomenal camera!
    Chelsea @ Someday I’ll Learn recently posted…How to Wash Dishes like a BossMy Profile

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