SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine Odor and Irritation on Hair and Skin

~I received a Swim Spray Sample for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions and stories are my own.~

Pool season is here and we spend at least a few days a week enjoying our pool. The one thing we do hate is smelling like chlorine after getting out of the pool. Used after swimming, SwimSpray is a product that helps neutralize and eliminate chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin. Invented by a swimmer, SwimSpray is a 100% natural Vitamin C-based technology. SwimSpray solves the problem that chlorine leaves behind – strong chlorine odor; dry, itchy, and irritated skin and bleached, straw-like hair.

Swimming in chlorinated or brominated pools is like taking a bath in bleach and can stay on the skin and hair even after showering and rinsing off – which is obviously not good for skin and hair.  I absolutely hate the way my hair feels after just one afternoon in the pool! I tried this on myself first and even after one use I could tell my hair felt smoother than normal after swimming in the pool. I now use it on both my girls and especially after my 6 year old has diving lessons every week. I do think it helps my skin as well because I use to get ridiculously dry skin after swimming and the last month using this product I have had no dry skin!

All done in three simple steps. After swimming rinse off in the shower, spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin and then shower normally. Never smell like chlorine again!
SwimSpray is recommended for use on children over the age of 6 months. A 4 ounce bottle provides over 600 sprays or approximately 20-30 swims. SwimSpray is available exclusively at www.swimspray.com and select swim shop partners. Leave the choline smell where it belongs – poolside!

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    id love to try this,,i hate that chlrine smell on my kids swim clothes

  2. My sister used to be in the pool daily. The one downfall to this was the chlorine in her hair. One summer her hair had a tint of green to it. A product like Swim Spray would have been great then.
    Tammy Woodall recently posted…SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine Odor and Irritation on Hair and SkinMy Profile

  3. When I am going to swimming pool I always have a spray that remove chlorine from hair. I have found it on http://www.proswimwear.co.uk/ . So now it’s my favourite thing=)

  4. Sandy Weinstein says:

    wish they had something like this when i used to swim a lot. i hated smelling like chlorine when i left the pool. the college always had so much chlorine in it as do public pools for safety. it burns my eyes as well. it it bad on your blond hair and bad on your swim suits. when you leave the pool you rarely go home, do some errands, etc. so this is a great product to have with you at the pool.

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