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I know this might sound a bit weird, but the idea for SYNCROHEARTS came to me very clearly during a late night prayer/meditation on October 25, 2001. On that particular night I awoke at about 3:00 am with a strong feeling to get up and meditate. During this quiet time on the couch, I received the insight to create this love game. 

In the few years leading up to this insightful night, I was going through some difficult relationship issues in my marriage, partly due to our busy lifestyles and a lack of communication. Sound familiar? 

Through prayer I asked for help and the message I received during that late night meditation was to create a unique new game that would help couples improve their love for each other and strengthen their relationship.

Couples Board Game
My Husband and I have issues just like any other married couples have issues. I do clearly once remember long ago when we laughed and said, “We won’t be like those other married couples with those issues!” And now those issues are our issues and whenever I hear young couples exclaim that same statement early on, I smile, nod and say, “Oh, of course you won’t. Ever.” But we know better don’t we! 
So what are ‘those issues’ exactly? The ones that stem from lack of time together, being too busy to appreciate each other, lack of affection because of sameness – routines or petty arguments that pop up seemingly out of no where just to have conversation. I could go on, and on… and on… you know once my Husband and I got into this terrible fight that began over a light-bulb. I’m not even joking. We argued for weeks over a light-bulb. It was pretty serious business then! However, I can’t seem to recall the details of why we were arguing about the light-bulb. Regardless, the point is, we all have similar issues. Some of us probably have the same issues as Dr. Love, which is why he created Synchrohearts.

The SYNCROHEARTS game board is comprised of two overlapping hearts. The pathway of love is made up of ancient stone steps and players move around the outside of the hearts first and then along the inside to symbolize joining their hearts together – thus the name Syncrohearts. 

Players start and end the game with a hug and kiss and with the roll of the die, they take turns moving along the path of love. The game squares include intimate exercises like massaging, kissing and hugging and the roll of the die determines how long these excercises are enjoyed. 

There are also four card categories that deal with different aspects of our relationships including – “4-Fun”, “Couple”, “Insights” and of course “Hot Stuff”. 

4 Fun Cards

One of my favorite 4-Fun Cards was this:

Try to get your partner to say the following phrase by acting out the words, but do not show them or tell them the phrase. “You are so beautiful.”  

I actually feel like I’m doing this a lot outside of the game. Walking around and acting like I’m beautiful in order to get my husband to tell me I’m beautiful because it makes me feel better. This card was actually like a light-bulb went off, an ah ha! for him. It’s great because he now notices and sometimes I need silly things like that. 

Couple Cards

The Couples Cards are kind of like cards you do together. You both close your eyes and visualize things or both think about who is more of something than the other, places you’d like to visit and so on. I like these cards because it brings on conversation, the good sort. 

Insight Cards

The Insight Cards are my favorite. Here is an example: 

When we look for the kindness and goodness within others, we will experience those same feelings within ourselves. We will feel good about ourselves when we look for the good within our partner. For the next 7 days focus on the good things your partner does and try not to think about the mess that they left in the bathroom. 

All of the Insight Cards seem to stem around positive thinking, re-focusing and looking towards good things and good qualities. I think these are the most important ones that we all need.

Hot Stuff Cards

Then of course there is the Hot Stuff cards! I can’t really give an example on these cards… just imagine (as they do ask you to do a LOT of imagining!) what they might be. Wink, wink. I will say, however, that they are not anything awful. They are really honest loving cards.

So you might be thinking, “How do I get my partner to play this game?” Well, Dr. Love has some great suggestions and answers to a lot more of your questions in his Synchrohearts FAQ. Personally, I just waited until we had a little time to ourselves and kind of kidded him into it, we actually had a lot of fun and it was a wonderful way to start conversing again about different things about each other. We realized that most of the time we were each waiting on the other for the same things, never realizing we could have came together all along.

Unlike other games, I have no way of saying how you “win” the game. I think you both win together in a way. You have time together and that is in and of itself a prize.

This would make a really great game for the Holidays for your partner, a kind of “Us” present is what I call them, one you share with each other. Or perhaps you know someone who could possibly use a game like this, one that didn’t believe they’d be having ‘those issues’. Share a smile, share togetherness, share each other.

Connect: You can connect with Synchrohearts on their Facebook Page, @Synchrohearts on Twitter and also you can read Dr. Love’s Blog!

Purchase: You can purchase Synchrohearts for $35.95 CAD. 

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


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