The Day The Bees Came


They came today. The bees. Not just any bees, but bulbous, fat, hungry bees spaning half of the length of my pinky. They were waiting outside the door, slowly gathering their army.

We closed the windows. Cody has armed himself with Urine Gone in case they find their way in the cracks. I found a round snow-sled for a shield. We’re prepared if they intrude but may die of thirst with lack of Mug Rootbeer and Mountain Dew. I tried to leave to gather these provisions but they chased me back into the house, lucky I was able to get in without one camouflaging onto my shirt and sneaking it’s buggy insect-y way past our guard.


It’s been four hours and they haven’t left. Lars’s need to go pee has increased to the maximum point of pressure. I got the shield and Cody found his Urine Gone, we thought we could let him out by the cord while still keeping the door bee-locked. It was unfortunate, he got snagged, someone had to save him.

After what seemed like eternity we were capable of finding an inconsistancy in their flight plan, I ran out with the shield and saved him before they got there. Lars peed on their flowers, here is one point for Humanity, or humans best friend regardless.

We praised him and gave him a buscuit. He is alive and basking in his victory.


We still have no Mug Rootbeer or Mountain Dew. We have to succumb to living off of water and pink kool-aid. We don’t know how long we can survive without soda, but we’re trying.

“I hope people don’t think this is a joke.” – Cody

/end transmission

I was standing outside looking at the Bees and remembered this funny day some years ago and decided to share what I wrote about it and saved in an old space.


  1. Yikes!! Where’s Billy the Exterminator when you need him?! lol.

    annae07 at aol dot com

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