The Best of Caillou: Caillou’s Outdoor Adventures DVD Review


Cailou is a series on PBS based on the children’s books by Christine L’Heureux. After running new series for a decade, ending in 2010, it is now played mainly as reruns since it is so widely popular and now they have this wonderful collection DVD of his outdoor adventures, The Best of Cailou: Cailou’s Outdoor Adventures!

Cailou is a 4 year old boy, curious about the world around him. He lives in a little blue house with his Mom, Dad and little Sister Rosie who he likes to help. He attends pre-school and loves to visit his Gramma and Grandpa. Through each episode, Cailou uses his imagination to work out problems and understand certain things about what it means to grow up.

If you watch PBS, then you’ve probably seen Cailou in his little yellow shirt and blue shorts. The theme song is what always caught my little guy. It’s really catchy! As Spring is in the air, it’s a wonderful chance to own this DVD that showcases all of his adventures outside. Some of the episodes include: 

  • Caillou the Sports Star – Caillou imagines he’s an Olympic Athlete and tries his best to win ribbons for the fun and silly games that Grandma has created.
  • Caillou Outdoors! – Caillou and Mommy make a scarecrow to keep the birds from eating the seeds in their newly planted garden.
  • Springtime for Caillou – Daddy surprises Mommy with a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. At playschool the children make valentines for all their friends and Caillou imagines he’s cupid when he is delivering his cards.
  • Caillou Can Do It! – Caillou helps Grandma water her flowers and fill the birdbath. When Caillou and Grandma get thirsty, Grandma shows Caillou how to make fruit juice from scratch.

My little Tot loves Cailou, he likes the way it shows his imagination when he dreams of dinosaurs and trucks. It’s a wonderful way to teach your child about the outdoors as well as using that imagination to work through problem solving. The best thing about Spring is getting outside and I love that this DVD shows how fun and creative it can be.

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Purchase: You can purchase The Best of Cailou: Cailou’s Outdoor Adventures for $12.99.

I received a sample for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 

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