The Bird Bath

Bird Baths

This is Bert and Bernice. I named them after Bert from Sesame Street and his pigeon. They’ve decided they are going to live with us in our backyard so I got them a birdbath.

We’ve been having a lot of fun getting the yard set up. The birds like to come and play in the grass and peck at the rocks. It’s nice to have a few little friends.

Bird Baths

Sometimes I just stare out the window and watch them snuggle with each other and flutter around. I wonder where they came from and how they found themselves in our yard. Soon I’ll be putting in a bird house and maybe they’ll stick around and start a family.

I just wanted to share my new little friends. This is our first home (purchased) and we moved in in the winter so we’re just starting to see the loveliness of spring here. The trees are blooming, small white petals dance on the air and cover the ground like snow. We have two apple trees and a pear tree amongst many flowers we are only beginning to learn. It’s quite remarkable and the more we are here the more I feel so overwhelmingly lucky and proud to be able to say it’s mine.

I hope you’ll follow me as we go through making our garden(s) of fruits, vegetables and flowers. If you have any tips you can let me know! Until then, I’ll be hanging out with Bert and Bernice. I’ll tell them you said Hello!



  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    That is so neat. I have a bird feeder and bird bath outside my window and I love watching all the different types of birds we have in our yard. They are such fun creatures to watch and I love it.


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