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My daughter is growing from a little girl into a young lady; the things that she enjoys are changing, expanding into the realm of a pre-teen. It’s really hard to believe how much she has grown. One amazing thing about her is that she’s really an artistic person and although I try and encourage her as much as possible, I am not talented at all in that area. It is hard to help her even begin.

Fairy Box

We were given the chance to review The Orb Factory’s Fairy Box and when it arrived she was ecstatic. It was a craft she could put her creative and artistic mind to, plus it is a beautiful jewelry box that sparkled and she loves sparkles.

My daughter just received her first real piece of jewelry as a gift from us after her baptism a month ago. She now has developed a passion for collecting lockets, bracelets and rings: bling as it were. Until now she didn’t have a special place to put all her treasures; real or faux and now her treasures are guarded by a beautiful fairy.

Fairy Box

The Orb Factory Fairy Box combines two things she loves the most: art and jewelry. As a bonus it is something that we could do together! She was so excited with all the sticker mosaics, there are over 800! The Fairy Box’s picture is numbered just like paint by number pictures but with beautiful jeweled mosaics.

Jeweled Fairy Box

This wasn’t just a jewelry box to me, it is a creativity harnessed passion that had been captured by my daughter, and it is beautiful. It gives a the young one a sense of accomplishment as well. My daughter was so proud to take that pretty Fairy Box and make it beautiful and I loved that my un-artistic self could join her. It was a wonderful Mommy & Daughter moment and those are precious the more she grows.

Connect: You can connect to The Orb Factory on their Facebook Page and/or @OrbFactory on Twitter.

Purchase: The Orb Factory Fairy Box is $14.99. They also offer a variety of products for pre-school age and up, for girls as well as boys!

I received samples for the purpose of reviewing. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 


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    Enchanted Horses Jewelry Box my daughter would love it.


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    My niece would love the Ballerina Beauty Box.


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    I like the Cardboard Adventures Knight.

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