Things I Never Thought I’d Say Until I Started Blogging

big oops

Can I use your daughter? I don’t have any girls.

Don’t eat that! I need a picture first.

I’m so glad you like your gift! You can get it at __________ for 35% off until Monday at midnight. You know if you buy two of them, you can get free shipping!

No, it wasn’t free. I do work!

You can’t go to your friends house! I have to have pictures for that review I forgot I had to get done today!

Thanks, I love his shoes too. They come from _________, they’re such a great store. You can find them at! And if you sign up for their Facebook Page you can get a coupon! 

I don’t care if you didn’t like the movie, what did you like ABOUT it.

These are really great. Did you know they only have 90 calories in the whole bag? They also come in mango, apple and strawberry….

Who ate the last one! Stop eating my food until I tell you to eat it!

No, I cannot get you a free game system.

Hi! Do you want to come to a party? That’s GREAT! I need more kids!

Happy birthday! I hope you like your present, I reviewed it last month and thought you might like it.

Sorry, dinner isn’t done yet. I need to take pictures of the process so it’ll be awhile.

No, it isn’t free. It costs me a lot of time!

Sorry, I can’t spend time with you right now, I have to pin these pictures. It’s important.

Hi honey, sorry. Could you please tell me if I smell?

That is the funniest story I ever heard! You need to go write about that.

If you don’t stop it I am going to tweet that photo to thousands of people. Now start doing the dishes!

Why, oh why, won’t they just give me a Keurig? 

No, I cannot get you that new video game for free.

Hi! I was just seeing how you were doing. That’s great! Hey, do you think you can bring your kids over. I need to get these photos….

It might be 3am but I really need coffee. I have like a million things I have to write about!

Do you like dinner? Do you think it was too spicy? Salty? Sweet? Edible? Hm. I’ll have to make sure to write that down.

Darnit! I forgot my camera. Can I borrow your phone? Can you msg me that photo?

Yeah, I think it is really beautiful too. You can get it at _____________ for 20% off. We’re having a giveaway for one at the moment! You should sign up and tell your friends too! Do you need the web address? Here is my card. Don’t forget!

I’m a blogger…. no I don’t get things for free. I have to work!

I know. I am the coolest Mom ever. No, I am not getting you that new Universal Studios movie.

No, I am not going to write about you on the blog. You don’t need to tell me not to write about you before you talk to me.

I’m stalking my email.

Hey! Look what I got you. Wait! Don’t open it. I haven’t got a picture yet.

SHE got that but I didn’t? Who does she think she is! I have way more Unique Views!

I may have said they were for you, but I didn’t say you could have them!

Thanks for coming to my party! I hope you had a great time. Would you mind filling out these forms to let me use the pictures, oh and here is a link to where you need to fill out the survey and this one is for letting them know you came…

Entering the giveaways are really pretty simple! You just have to like this, follow this, stumble this sign up for that, tweet here and comment here and post this picture and go to this website and then come back and don’t forget you need to have a pinterest account!

Ugh. I got another package?

Thanks sweete. I love you too. Maybe you can say it when I’m not giving you something.

Thanks for letting me borrow your daughter. Do you think she can come over next week? I got this other product coming in….



  1. Minding Spot says:

    LOL I love this!! I never thought I’d say or do some of the things I do now either – it’s so true!!!

  2. Oh the things I say now! Lol

  3. THis is SOOOOOOO good!!!

  4. breakmydreams says:

    hehe…those are so true 🙂 I say some of those as well 😛

  5. Ha, totally true!

  6. shel brown says:

    I don’t blog but ive been saying half that stuff for so long its crazy;-)

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