Twinkle Toes: The Movie – Discover Your Inner Sparkle!

Twinkle Toes are those stylishly cute twinkling shoes from Sketchers. They are their Best Selling girl line shoes and actually I am pretty sure my Mother has purchased my niece every single pair of them! They are very distracting; in a good way. I really don’t think there is anything more adorable than seeing a little girl dancing around in Twinkle Toes. So that’s why I decided to review Twinkle Toes: The Movie, because there are too many cute nieces of mine running around with Twinkle Toes and I thought they would absolutely fawn over this movie. 
I was right, just in case you wanted to know. 

The sweet and adorable Twinkle Toes character that girls have come to know and love overcomes her most secret fears and learns to celebrate her individuality with energy, pizzazz and super-cute shoes!

Grace “Twinkle Toes” Hastings has a big secret, she gets stage fright in front of anyone except her fluffy friend Walter. She works to overcome her fears to meet friends at her new school and join in the school’s talent show; eventually learning that it is okay to be herself and shine (or twinkle!).

My nieces loved this movie, especially the one that has all the cute shoes. Grace’s BFF Walter was a favorite, as well as the music. It’s very catchy!

In all honesty, if someone told me before I watched this that they were going to make a movie inspired by a pair of shoes, I probably would have gawked. Sketchers does an amazing job making their Twinkle Toes character come to life on the screen with a great message to all the little girls that already wear their shoes. In some way it is using the sparkle from the sneakers to show them that they already shine inside and that I believe is really beautiful.

If you want to know more about Grace “Twinkle Toes”, the Movie or just play games with your girls, check out Twinkle Toes USA! You can even create your own bedroom. I’ve spent an entire two weeks building bedrooms and playing shoe designer with my niece, they’ll absolutely love it!

Purchase: You can pre-order Twinkle Toes: The Movie on Amazon for $14.99.

I received a copy of the movie to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own and/or my families and are not influenced by any form of compensation. 

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