The Gift of Connection for Teens – Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans

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You may remember how I had gotten my teen a new cellphone for Christmas this year from my previous post about Connecting Families with Walmart Family Mobile. It was actually really amusing to watch him open his gifts this year since there was a running gag on most of them. Everyone had gotten him silly things like zombie jerky, realistic roaches and an apocalypse snowglobe. So of course we couldn’t have given him the cellphone without making some big deal out of it!

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My husband had gotten me this big chair for Christmas and after what appeared to be the last present, we started rearranging the room to fit it in. We’d already cleaned up everything, I was making breakfast and since my son is like a giant, I had him move the Christmas tree. Guess what he found! 

Of course, I didn’t factor in his little brother and once Judah spotted it there was no stopping him from wanting to open the box. My husband even hid an extra present under the little tree on his bookshelf, but he was determined to help his big brother!

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What are little brothers for if not for helping? So they opened it up together and then Judah took the box away and started bouncing around yelling about a phone as if it were his. Teen got a big kick out of it, though he was a little shy when I tried to take his picture to preserve the moment. 

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It worked beautifully since he only asked for a few things for Christmas and mostly all of them were way out of my price range, but one of them was a new phone and he hadn’t expected it at all. What really made it special was letting him know that it was his very own plan and that we were going to work together on learning how to be responsible with it. I admit, I got a little sappy thinking about how much he’s grown over the years. He may be as tall as a giant, but he’s still my bear. 

Smartphones are a wonderful gift of connection. So don’t be surprised that if you give a Walmart Family Mobile Talk/Text/Web Unlimited Plan to a teen as a gift they will disappear to ‘connect’ to every single person on the face of the earth. My teen disappeared shortly after these photos were taken and has become a missing person in the house. 

Walmart Family Mobile Samsung Galaxy #shop

All joking aside, it’s a really great phone for him. The customer service during set up was extremely helpful and polite and made sure to let him know he could manage everything from My Family Mobile page. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G  is really thin and light to hold, it has all the social media applications as well as the capability to play flash based games and sync your email. For my son though, his favorite was the fact that he could actually listen to his music and watch his favorite shows. The phone is phenomenally faster than his original non-Smartphone and he’s already gotten the hang of selfie’s apparently. 

If you are looking for something really special for your teen, or any family member that you’d love to connect in your life, Walmart Family Mobile has an unbeatable lowest price rate plan with some great Smartphones available. There’s still time to ring in the new year by connecting your family!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. 

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Amanda is a stay-at-home Mom of two boys, a teen and a tot. She loves to share stories, talk about education, movies, books and coffee. A big supporter of community building and outreach, Amanda shares many activities, entertainment and events in her local area of St. Louis.


  1. vickie couturier says:

    If I were going to give a kid a plan it would be one like this,,so when they use up their minutes they are out until the next month,,gives them a chance to learn to control talking an texting an not run up a huge cell phone bill

  2. What a great idea. And it teaches responsibility!

  3. AWESOME!! Great gift for a teen!!! Nice! #client
    Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide: Highlights Books for Kids!My Profile

  4. He looks so happy with his new phone, too bad you won’t be seeing much of him anymore. ;) #client


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