Warner Bros Presents: Tom and Jerry in Pint-Sized Pals!


What would cartoons have ever been if it wasn’t for Tom and Jerry? They are the most famous and longest living rivals in animation history and now they’re back with all their friends in Warner Bros feature Tom and Jerry: Pint-Sized Pals!

Here comes Tom and Jerry and they’re bringing with them a group of adorable, sidesplitting sidekicks! Join Tyke, Tuffy and Little Quacker as they pile on the laughs and mischief in this 2-Disc collection of 30 hilarious episodes. Sit back and enjoy as these pint-size pals bring king-size comedy and delight to your whole family. From the babysitting bonanza of Tot Watchers to the playful pranks of That’s My Pup to the costumed chaos in Touche, Pussy Cat!, the silly streak of adventures and laughs just keep coming. So let’s hear it for teamwork, cooperation and a little bit of hijinks because comedy is always better with a buddy!

Pint-Sized Pals features 30 different cartoons on a 2-Disc Set, many of them classics. Since there are so many, I’ll share a little bit about each one and let you know which are my favorites at the end.

Disc One:

  • Love that Pup (1949) is a classic that features my favorite little Tyke puppy. In this episode, Jerry is hiding away from Tom using Spike and Tyke as cover. No matter what Tom tries to do to sneakily get Jerry away, he winds up angering Spike who is keeping an eye on Tyke after he had a bad dream.
  • The Dog House (1952) features Spike working to build his dream house. Time and again, Tom accidentally destroys Spikes house while trying to chase Jerry. One mistake after another puts Tom in an awful position to make up for his ruin.
  • That’s My Pup (1953) is the wonderful episode where Spike is teaching his pup Tyke the three important lessons of being a dog. Unfortunately, it is at Tom’s expense.
  • Hic-cup Pup (1954) has Tyke hiccuping so bad he is literally hopping along the ground. Being woken up while napping happens to give him the hiccups and Tom and Jerry’s antics keep waking him up. Spike tries his best to keep Tyke sleeping soundly and winds up with the hiccups himself.
  • Pup on a Picnic (1955) features Spike and Tyke once again and all they want to do is have a picnic. Tom and Jerry spoil their father and son moment and their food before some uninvited guests start to arrive.
  • Puppy Tale (1954) is a super sweet episode where Jerry rescues a drowning bag of pups from the river. Most of the puppies run away, but one stays with Jerry. It is one episode where Tom and Jerry come together as friends to do the right thing.
  • Barbecue Brawl (1956) only has Tom and Jerry intermittently shown. It is actually an episode featuring Spike and Tyke as they try to have a barbecue and everything keeps going wrong.
  • Endless Bummer (2007)  shows Tom, Jerry and Droopy as they enter a surfing contest. Droopy is an adorable hound dog that generally has his own mini animation features, but in this episode he is one surfing master!
  • Little School Mouse (1954) features Jerry right after he gets his diploma and begins teaching other mice how to outwit cats. By the end of the episode Jerry becomes the student of a much different lesson, much to his disappointment.
  • Robin Hoodwinked (1958) is an episode similar to the Mouseketeer animations and features a Robin Hood style story wherein Robin Hood is being held prisoner by Tom and Jerry and Tuffy decide to rescue him.
  • Jungle Love (2007) is what you can imagine, Tom and Jerry’s crazy antics in the jungle! Just Tom gets a little more than he bargained for.
  • Royal Cat Nap (1957) is actually the last of the Mouseketeer episodes and features Jerry, Tuffy and Tom. Tuffy accidentally wakes the sleeping King and swears to behead Tom if he doesn’t keep the mice from waking him up.
  • The Vanishing Duck (1958) is one of my favorite episodes and features the little duck Quacker who happens upon a bowl of vanishing cream. With their new found luck, Jerry and Quacker invisibly torment Jerry.
  • Cat Nebula (2007) is a Tom and Jerry episode set in space; where Tuffy and Jerry are on a space ship and happen to run out of food.
  • Adventures in Penguin Sitting (2007) features a new friend, an escaped penguin from the city zoo that happens to love Popsicles and is constantly hungry.



Disc Two:

  • Babysitting Blues (2008) showcases another character, Jeannie, who is supposed to be babysitting the tot but manages to spend all her time on the phone. Tom and Jerry get stuck being the babysitters while the tot keeps trying to escape!
  • Game Set Match (2006) shows Spike wanting help from Tom to teach his son how to play Tennis. Unfortunately, Spike and Jerry keep making it difficult for him.
  • Happy Go Ducky (1958) is a cute Easter episode that begins with Tom and Jerry getting a surprise in their Easter basket, a hatching egg! Out pops Quacker and all sorts of trouble happens.
  • That’s My Mommy (1955) features Quacker again, but instead he is accidentally hatched under Tom and starts to assume that he is his mother.
  • Little Quacker (1950) shows Quacker being born out of his egg again, unfortunately this time for Toms dinner. After Tom stole an egg from a Mother ducks nest for breakfast, he realizes that there is a duck inside. This is the original episode where Jerry and Quacker form a special bond that never breaks throughout all the years.
  • Southbound Duckling (1955) has Quacker believing he is supposed to fly south for the winter. After many failed attempts, due to Tom, Jerry and Quacker board an airplane for Florida. This one has a surprise ending for Tom!
  • Just Ducky (1953) once again shows Quacker being born, though he sadly doesn’t know how to swim. While his Mother duck, brothers and sisters swim away, Quacker tries to follow and finds he can’t. Tom uses this to try to make Quacker his meal again, but is thwarted by Jerry. This is another surprise ending where they all wind up friends!
  • Cat Show Catastrophe (2008) features Tom as he enters into a Cat Show that Jerry and Nibbles decide to ruin for him.
  • Kitty Foiled (1948) features the sweet canary Cuckoo! Jerry and Cuckoo both are trying to outsmart Tom as he tries to eat the bird.
  • Ho Ho Horrors (2006) is a Christmas episode that is mostly narrated like the old Christmas classics. Tom tries to make Jerry his ‘Christmas Treat’ and in the end they both wind up having a great Christmas.
  • The Two Mouseketeers (1952) actually won an Academy Award! It was so successful that they made it a little series (4 episodes to be exact). Jerry and Nibbles are featured in the episode helping themselves to a large banquet, which Tom tries to stop.
  • Touche, Pussy Cat! (1954) also got an Oscar nomination! As the prequel to The Two Mouseketeers, it is actually one of my all time favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons. In this episode, Jerry is testing Tuffy to see if he has what it takes to be a Mouseketeer.
  • Mice Follies (1954) features Jerry and Nibbles who turn the kitchen into a skating rink. Tom tries to stop their fun and winds up finding himself a little frozen to the spot.
  • The Egg and Jerry (1956) is similar to the mix-up episode of That’s My Mommy where Quacker thinks Tom is his Mommy. In this episode, Jerry accidentally finds himself hatching an egg that winds up being a baby woodpecker!
  • Tot Watchers (1958) is another episode featuring the babysitter Jeannie as she spends too much time on the phone and not enough watching the little tot. As he keeps escaping, Tom keeps bringing him back to her, but thinking he is catnapping the Tot – she keeps beating him on the head. Eventually the police get involved and by the end everyone is chasing the tot.

These are some of the best of the best Tom and Jerry episodes and I loved watching them with my son. We’re both really into the style of early animation. There is something sweet about it, regardless of Tom and Jerry’s rivalries. Sometimes they get one another in the end and other times they wind up the best of friends. They kind of remind me of sibling antics!

You can pick up Tom and Jerry: Pint-Sized Pals for $13.86 on Amazon!

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  1. My kids love the Tom & Jerry shorts. They are always laughing!

  2. Oh gosh, this brings back fun memories. I loved Tom and Jerry as a kid!

  3. vickie couturier says:

    my grandkids loved this an so did their parents

  4. Hic-cup Pup

  5. Debra Hall says:

    i’d like to see a Puppy Tale

  6. Shirley Zolenski says:

    The Vanishing Duck


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