“We Don’t Have Public Restrooms” – A Potty Training Mommy Complaint

potty training complaint

Today my son and I went to his favorite little resale shop. It’s right next to the Dollar Store, so every time I need to pick something up he wants to go play next door. We found it a few days after we moved in, a tiny little resale shop called Katie & Jake’s Closet. It had great second hand name brand clothes and discounted Melissa & Doug toys; plus it had 50% off days so I could get already discounted Melissa & Doug at an extra 50% Off! There is also this little corner in the back with a green plush rug where they have a lot of toys in bins for kids to play with while parents shop. Judah loves the green rug and the wooden trucks and it is just the perfect little store… except one thing…

They wouldn’t let us use the restroom.

My son is 3 and we’re Potty Training, we try very hard not falling back on Pull-Ups and make sure he uses the potty when we’re out so he’s used to going in other places than his own little Potty. This is important because some kids get really stuck on their Potty’s and they don’t want to go anywhere else. We also shop at this little resale shop frequently and only once have I went in there and not come out with something because I believe in supporting local small businesses. So it was a shock to me when my son, doing his little need-to-go dance says, “Okay, need to go potty!” And I ask if there is a restroom and receive a reply that yes, there was in the back. “Can we use it? My son needs to potty”, I said nicely and receive a response of, “It isn’t a public restroom.” She didn’t even have the decency to look at me as she was txting on her phone.

We were the only people in the shop and I was upset and flustered. I bent down and told Judah he would need to hold it and left the shop. I had planned on picking up the wooden steamroller today that he really loved playing with, but I don’t think I’ll be shopping there any longer. Although they don’t have the discounted Melissa & Doug toys at Kid’s Again, they do have a play area and the owners are very polite and extremely kid friendly.

This really got to me today. When I had wrote a little tid-bit about it on Facebook, Rachel (our writer), had said that it happened to her once at a Doctors Office! Of all places! They said that only patients could use the bathroom and as there was no other place in the building to go, she had to go to the Jack-in-the-Box across the street! And her son just turned 5. It’s beyond ridiculous!

So this is my Potty Training Mommy Complaint. I fully understand in regards to adults, especially in the city, but these are children. They’re little kids that don’t have bladders that are capable of holding for too long, especially when they’re potty training. I don’t understand why people could be so nonchalant in their rudeness to not even allow a child to use the bathroom for a few minutes. It’s just another example, to me, of where we fail as a society – that we can’t even use our good judgement, our hearts, to make rational decisions; especially in regards to children.

They’re very lucky my son didn’t pee on their nice soft green plush rug.

Has this ever happened to you?



  1. ape2016 says:

    I have never had anyone turn my kids away- even when they were clearly old enough to hold it for awhile. I think it is horribly rude and insensitive. If I were you, I would contact the owners. You enjoyed shopping there in the past and they might not be aware that an employee is too rude to even look up from their phone while addressing a customer. Additionally, I don’t know what state you are in, but I did some research on this and EVERYTHING I found (including public restroom laws for individual states) stated clearly that if it is a business or merchant open to the public that they MUST have a restroom available for customers and visitors (yes, even if you aren’t buying something- if you are in the building they are supposed to let you use the bathroom) Here is a quote from americanrestroom.org (who knew?) “If not a food service, refusal to allow someone to use a restroom in a business establishment is a ‘ building code’ violation.” Here are some links: http://www.americanrestroom.org/pr/problem.htm , http://www.ehow.com/facts_7156036_indiana-public-restroom-law.html (this is Indiana, but every state I looked up was pretty much the same) , http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1648349,00.html (this is a Time magazine article on the subject also stating that restrooms for employees only is a violation of building codes). I would certainly mention this when I talked to the owners. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

  2. That is total crap! Bet you kinda wish he had peed all over their rug, huh? Karma!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It has happened to me before. But luckily we live in a small town so I just took him outside and he peed on a tree… should of let him pee on their building (just saying)

  4. I have had that happen to my son before…twice. Once in a store like that…as soon as they said no…before I could move he went and it went all over the floor…oops second time was at a bank…we ended up going outside to the bushes because that is as far as he could make it. The store that he went on the floor I just sorta looked at the person who said we could not use it..I said never mind.. and walked out.

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